Baltimore Residents’ Plan for Summer

Summer is almost upon us time for hot weather, hot-dogs, fireworks and everyone’s favorite few weeks of the year, vacation. We asked 1,300 local residents about their vacation plans for the summer of 2018 and this is what we found:












The majority (40%) of our respondents stated they were planning on taking 2 vacations, (28%) said they were taking 1, and a lucky (24%) said they were taking 3 or more.


We were also interested in finding out where people are going:

















While Ocean City remains a popular destination, Deep Creek Lake on the other side of the state got less love with only (7%) of respondents planning on going there this year. Out of state destinations such as Florida were popular choices and only (7%) said they were not going anywhere.


How are people spending their vacation time when they do get to these destinations?













Not surprisingly over (70%) of respondents said they were going to be hanging out at the beach. Shopping and site seeing were also popular activities.


What is the most popular summer holiday to take a vacation?













While Fourth of July was the most popular summer holiday to go on vacation (64%) said they weren’t going on vacation during any of the summer holidays; which led us to our next question.


Biggest annoyances on vacation:











Finally, we wanted to know where people would go if they could choose anywhere in the world to vacation:

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