Our Facility

Observation Baltimore’s facility offers a myriad of research options to suit any project. We have three refined focus group suites and 1 large CLT room. For photos and information for our suites and other options please CLICK HERE.

Observation Baltimore’s brand new research facility allows us to do more with less. Not only are our focus group and usability suites beautiful, they’re also kind to the environment. We are now located in a brand new GREEN building, which minimizes our carbon footprint. Our space was constructed using LEED-certified, renewable and sustainable products. When you step into our research facility, you can expect the following:

  • Breathe cleaner air: Finishes, flooring, and ceiling are constructed of low-impact, renewable materials, and cleaned with non-toxic products. Further, cleaner air surrounds us with LEED certified air handlers
  • Water coolers and health-infused water dispensers are encouraged over plastic water bottles (available upon request)
  • Recycle ALL non-biodegradable materials, with recycling receptacles in every room
  • Printing and copying on 2-sides unless otherwise requested
  • Low mercury lighting reduces harmful exposure and is better for the environment
  • Our research facility’s energy systems meet the requirements of Energy Performance and Fundamental Refrigerant Management which minimizes energy use and increases energy efficiency


Main Office Floor Plan
xxx, baltimore, maryland, md


CLT Lab Floor Plan
CLT Lab Floor Plan